The Best Fashion tips for Celebrity Women 2020

The best Fashion tips for Celebrity Women 2020

Every now and then we know how we just identify things, but don’t realize that we do until somebody mentions it out loud to us. That’s just the case with fashion too, and that’s why we always need tips from experts, fashionistas, and designers to validate what we know.

Often while reading about stuff, we realize how we miss tiny details and how other people have a different perspective to offer! Like they say, the devil is in the details. If you were wishing that it’d be nice to have a list that states it all out for you, I have got you covered.

So, today, let’s take a look bellow Fashion Tips that will come in handy for every modern girl and women – whether you are a college girl or a lady boss.

 Once you ready? Let’s do this NOW…NOW……………NOW.

  • First Thing First Know Your Body Type

One of the biggest fashion tip that anyone can give you is knowing your body type. Knowing your body type is the first thing to know about yourself. The reason is once you know your body type you can figure it out what fashion or the sizes fits for your particular body type.


  • Right Bra for Right Girl or Women

The perfect bra will always give you more comfort at the same time it’s very essential for health and fashion. One should know the right size and right time to wear it is also important.

  • Good Lingerie for Good times.

Its recommended sometimes it is nice to indulge and treat yourself to a good lingerie witch will boost your comfortless as well.


  • The Classics – Denim, Trench, Leather Jackets.

The classics style designs are timeless and also all the girls need them in their closet. The classic fashion comes handy all through the year in one way or another. So don’t abandon the classic styles and designs.


  • There’s Nothing Red Pumps Cannot Solve

Pumps are great, but especially red pumps are fabulous. The high it gives to strut around in these confidently is of a different level. Every celebrity girl and woman needs to experience this level of fashion. The red and black Pumps are great for private parties, special gatherings and red carpet walks and for date nights.

  • Scarves for every Seasons

The Scarves play a wonderful role in all seasons in adding seasonal style that fits to all girls and women. Woolen, silk, satin, linen, blanket, etc. You need it all. Some work wonders in winters, while some are for summer and the others are perfect for fall fashion.


  • Denim – Find It And Save It .

Knowing what suits your body type and size is life-saving. These are perfect for all seasons depending on style of fitting that works perfect for you. High-rise, low-rise, boot cut, boyfriend, baggy, etc. These are everyday essentials, and you can’t go wrong with them most of the cases.

  • Understand The Colors chart.

Study says that there cannot be more than three colors in your outfit at one time. It might seem a little pointless, but you will be more than happy you looked this up because it’s a game changer and gives you a new perception when matching up colors.

  • Wash Your Clothes The Right Way

If you wish to give more life to your clothes please pay attention to the instructions provided on your clothes for washing, pressing, Dry cleaning. Don’t mix whites with other colors, don’t put your bras in the washer, wash delicates in the low heat setting, sweaters need a different detergent – more attention will give more life to the clothes.

  • When In Doubt, Layer


Do your own styling when it is needed. Try different layers of fashion. Layer your outfit to camouflage any unflattering flab, add definition to ramp up your look. Don’t be afraid to try the new look. You never know you may be the torch bearer for new celebrity fashion. Check out social media you will get new ideas and concepts and do it in your own style.

  • Chambray, Plaid, And Denim Shirts Are A Must

Keep it ready when its needed. These will pay important role in enhances your beauty time to time. Even if you are switching to a capsule wardrobe, you need these.

  • Organize Your Closet Every Now and Then or Every Three Months

A capsule wardrobe is a concept many women are turning towards and enjoying the benefits of. If you think that it will not work for you, at least organize your closet once in a while. You will slowly start to understand how many things you do not use are there in your wardrobe and will throw away them anyway. You will also get an idea what you have and what you need.

  • MAKE IT STOP - Impulsive Shopping

A sale should never be a prompt to buy something. I mean, not never, but it should not be  always. If you have been waiting for a particular item to go on sale, sure, pick it up, but if it’s a random dress you want just because it is on discount, ask yourself if you’d buy it if it wasn’t on sale. You have your answer. Buy what you need.

  • Practice The Mantra - Be Prepare

If you know that you might go shopping this weekend, do a little research and look up stuff online or in social media. See how people are modeling it, how much you can invest in one piece. This will prevent you from overspending.

  • Accessorize Your Outfits Away

Accessories are an integral part of dressing up. Keep aside some money just for accessories. Just one solid piece of jewelry can marry a total outfit. Wear them as per the occasion – office, party, concert, etc.

  • Every Girl Needs A Little Black Dress(LBD)– Get One ASAP


This is self-explanatory, every girl needs an LBD!. Get one ASAP that suits perfect for your body type.

  • Master The Art Of Tucking

Front tuck, half-tuck, navel tuck or a full tuck – you need to master some or all of them.

  • Always Have A Few Fashion Tips Up Your Sleeve

Learn some basic fashion tips. Like tucking your jeans into the boots, cleaning wine stains, unshrinking clothes, cleaning jewelry, etc. You will save money and sometimes yourself from embarrassment too.

  • Try to Play With Patterns And Prints.

Playing with patterns and prints is an art in itself. Some have a natural ability for working with prints; some of us need to learn them. There’s nothing inernet cannot help you with, so prepare yourself and act like a professional.

  • Don’t Mix Too Many Prints Or Colors Or Both.

Colorful florals with plain skirts or bottoms, or printed dresses with plain accessories and shoes are good – there’s a way to mix them up. You simply cannot afford to mess up. By mastering this mix you will get better fashion look time to time.

  • Match Your Shoes With Trousers - For Long Legs.

Trust me it always works perfect and gives audience a wonderful feeling. A fashion or a life hack – whatever you call this. You’re welcome!

  • Let One Color Pop At One Time


Wear one bright color at a time and let that pop. Time to time try different bright colors that fits your mood and occasion.

  • Own Pieces You Can Use More Than One Way

Like a chambray or plaid shirt, plain black or tank tops, cardigans, T-shirt dresses, etc.

  • Make Fleece Leggings Your BFF (In Winter)

Fleece leggings are Santa’s way of saying he exists. Fleece leggings are good suggestion for casual ware.

  • Remember – Leggings Goes With Long Tops

If you are wearing leggings – wear long tops, this is almost always non-negotiable.

  • Combat Boots Are A Classic


These are have and will be a classic forever!

  • Balance Out Tight With Loose

Keep any one part of your outfit loose and the rest tight, depending on your body type. A good suggestion to college girls for casual look.

  • Athleisure Is Catching Up – You Need Some


Invest in good athleisure wear; wearing sloppy sweatpants to the gym is not cool anymore. Plus, it motivates you like nothing ever does. So select good athleisure pants or the Yoga pants they commonly call.

  • Recycle-Reuse -Up cycle

Recycle- Reuse and Up cycle should be your mantra for fashion.

  • Hem Your Pants – Should Ideally Be At The Top Of This List And Yours Too

At all times hem your pants – nothing is more unflattering than folded denim or trousers. You can hem your pants by yourself by checking You Tube videos or the online blogs.

  • Master The Art Of Color Blocking


  • Buying Big and Slim Belts

Sometimes, you need Big belts and sometimes the slimmer kinds. So, keep them both handy and experiment time to time.

  • Attention To The Details

Pop your outfit with as little details as you can. Little attention to details makes big difference for people around you. This is for people heading to work or college – this is your finest bet.

  • Try Nude Lipsticks And Pumps.


If you have chances try the nude lipsticks and Pumps. These will never let you down.

  • Select Appropriate Innerwear when wearing Whites

Please be cautious while you carry whites. Also, choose seamless panties and perfect bras witch will not make you look weird.

  • Among Horizontal And Vertical Stripes – All the time Select Vertical


Petite girl or  women – vertical stripes make you look taller. For  plus sized women these vertical stripes create an illusion and make you look slimmer. It’s always the better choice out of the two, but suit yourself witch gives perfect look.

  • In Winter Season Outerwear Is Your Best Bet – Spruce It Up

If you want look fashionable you need to choose outerwear during the winters. Especially if you get three to six months of winter season you know how boring dressing up can be and how gloomy life can get. So, give it all you have got for outerwear. Also keep it mind for your comfort, don’t buy the heavy weight coats or jackets where you feel uncomfortable.


  • Keep At Least One Appealing Animal Print Piece.

In present modern world people like pets like dogs, cats, birds, snakes and pigs etc. It can be a clutch, a cross-body bag, boots or a scarf – one animal printed piece once in a while is a reasonable danger. You will soon understand its borderline addictive.

  • Take A Hint From The Seasons


We need to think through the seasons for better fashion ideas. For example Fall is about the checkered shirts and camel boots, while winters are about woolen scarves and fancy coats, summers mean shorts, dresses, and life at its beautiful best – so take a hint from them, follow the seasonal trends, and look pretty all times.

  • Distinguish The Difference Between A Day And A Night Dress.


Distinguishing the difference between Day and Night dress is also paly an important role in your fashion. A sequined dress is for a night party, a floral one is for the day, and anything in between is for the evening – select cautiously and enhance your beauty.

  • Buy Because You Need It - Don’t Buy It Because It’s Cheap

Remember people try to sell all kind of stuff to make money, don’t fall into their trap, buy what you need, buy when you needed for your continues use.  Don’t buy just to fill your ward robe.

  • Identify Your Best Feature – And Show It Off At all Times.

All your outfits should work towards enhancing your best features, without being in your face. Be it your curves, booty, legs or an hourglass figure. Don’t be shy to show off your best features. Trust me people notice it at all times.



  • Tryout With Denim/ Jeans– Boyfriend, Distressed, Bootcut.

Tryout and see what else might suit your body other than just standard denims/ jeans. I’m sure there are more than one kind that suits all the present girls and women.

  • Blazer Up, Every Now And Then.

Blazer also gives a professional look time to time specially for Business meetings, Office ware, Clint meetings etc. Please keep in mind the season where you should not feel uncomfortable when you wear the blazer.


  • Pantsuits, Jumpsuits And Tracksuits Are Timeless

It might give the impression like they are taking a break, but they will always find their way back into the fashion line. But, if they do take a break, it’s never considered out dated to wear these. Pant suits, Jumpsuits and Track Suits always have their own place in present fashion world.

  • Learn A Few Hairstyles That Are Versatile

Watch some You Tube tutorials, the online blogs or magazines to learn some new and innovative hairstyles. The messy bun is nice, I’m not arguing that, but also learn to do a few more hairstyles – you never know when you may need them. Once you master the different styles you will be more confident to try the new styles when time comes.

  • Makeup – Know What Works For You.

Check out some YouTube tutorials or the online blogs or magazines  to know what kind of makeup you like, and invest in good products – we all need makeup at some point, if not every day. Try to not to overdo the make up where people can notice very easily.

  • The Role Red Lipstick in modern Celebrity Fashion


Red lipstick works perfect for most of occasions. Ruby Woo, Dior’s Rouge or Chanel’s Pirate – you need these or the deepest shade of red in your cosmetic closet. And don’t listen any one – it’s always a good time to wear a red lipstick. Red color is the color most eye catching at present fashion world. The Glossy red lipstick also advisable.

  • Know When To And When Not To Cinch The Waist.

Chincing at waist sometimes good and sometimes works great and sometimes it falls plane on our face. Ask people, ask friends, ask Google, or maybe ask yourself by looking  mirror.

  • Last but not the least, Be Confident


When you are confident you get more attention. Nothing, nothing works as confidence does. Confidence is nothing but being you. Be proud of yourself in all the aspects and all the occasions. Do not worry about the others. Be you and be present in all the beautiful moments. Steal the show all the time by being confident. Remember when you are confident enough everything comes in your way.

Everything said and done, there are no hard and fast rules for fashion, only guidelines, tips, and expert advice. If you think something works for you, go forward by all means.

If you think we forgot to mention something in here, please drop in a message in the comments section below. Hope this helps. See you soon with another post, bye for now.